LaRCsim Files

Here is my attempt to organize descriptions of the various LaRCsim files required to implement the equations of flight. 99% of the following text is copied straight out of email from Bruce, source code comments, or the LaRCsim manual.

Core LaRCsim Header Files

1 LaRCSim generic parameters header file. Defines the ``GENERIC'' structure which holds the current value of the flight model parameters and states.

LaRCSim type definitions header file. Defines the following types: SCALAR, VECTOR_3, and DATA.

LaRCSim constants definition header file. Defines various constants and various units conversions.

LaRCSim simulation control parameters header file

Core LaRCsim Routines

The following share the ls_generic.h, ls_types.h, and ls_constants.h header files.

ls_accel() sums the forces and moments from aero, engine, gear, transfer them to the center of gravity, and calculate resulting accelerations.

ls_step() Integration routine for equations of motion (vehicle states.) Integrates accels tex2html_wrap_inline25 velocities and velocities tex2html_wrap_inline25 positions.

ls_aux() Takes the new state information (velocities and positions) and calculates other information, like Mach, pressures & temps, alpha, beta, etc. for the new state. It does this by calling atmos_62() ls_geodesy() and ls_gravity().

atmos_62() 1962 standard atmosphere table lookups.

ls_geoc_to_geod(lat_geoc, radius, lat_geod, alt, sea_level_r) ls_geod_to_geoc(lat_geod, alt, sl_radius, lat_geoc) since vehicle position is in geocentric lat/lon/radius, this routine calculates geodetic positions lat/lon/alt ls_gravity - calculates local gravity, based on latitude & altitude.

ls_gravity( SCALAR radius, SCALAR lat, SCALAR *gravity ) Gravity model for LaRCsim.

Secondary LaRCsim Routines

The following routines help manage the simulation

ls_model() Model loop executive. Calls the user supplied routines: inertias(), subsystems(), engine(), aero(), and gear().

Provides stub routines for the routines that are normally provided by the user.

Navion Specific Routines

Header for cockpit IO. Stores the current state of all the control inputs.

aero() Linear aerodynamics model. Initializes all the specific parameters if not initialized. The expected outputs from aero() are the aerodynamic forces and moments about the reference point, in lbs and ft-lbs, respectively, being stored in the F_aero_v and M_aero_v vectors.

engine() Calculate the forces generated by the engine.

gear() Landing gear model for example simulation.

model_init() Initializes navion math model

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