University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Dawn Ellis (

UTC has been using Flightgear as the basis of a research project started in August, 2001. It is our goal to provide our Challenger Center here at the university (and hopefully other centers in the future) a low cost virtual reality computer simulation. Our simulation is using flightgear and JSBSim, specifically the shuttle module, to develop a shuttle landing simulator. Currently, we are trying to get to the point of at least contributing instructions on how to interface our virtual reality hardware with Flightgear back to the OS community."

Our project is funded by the Wolf Aviation Foundation. Dr. Andy Novobiliski is heading the research project. Without Flightgear as a foundation for this project, we wouldn't have had a project! It has been very valuable to us in that we did not have to develop a flight sim from scratch. The support of the Open Source Community is another plus to our project, too.

Curtis L. Olson