FGFS User Documentation

The FlightGear Manual

This is designed to be "The Manual that comes with the Software." The PDF version is intended to be viewed or printed and has a very professional look. The html version is a quick conversion and may not be as nice in some respects as the pdf version.

FlightGear Quick Reference Guide

Additional Documentation

FGFS Tutorials

Additional tutorials are always welcome. FlightGear has a zillion features that aren't immediately obvious. Tutorials can be a great way to point out some of the more subtle features and details of FlightGear.

FGFS Papers and Presentations

Several papers have been published that center on or at least reference FlightGear. As we can provide copies or links, I will add them here:

FGFS Development Docs

Here is a collection of documentation which attempts to describe the development side of Flight Gear.

Airport / Nav Aids


Flight Model




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