FlightGear World Scenery

October 27, 2008: - New World Scenery Release! (v1.0.1)

The base FlightGear download starts you off with a small area of scenery around San Francisco, CA (USA). If you want to fly to or from other airports, you will need to download additional scenery. FlightGear scenery is available for the entire world.

Important Information

  • If you have a slow/expensive net connection, prefer physical media, or want to help the FlightGear project, please consider FlightGear on DVD. Along with the program DVD, you can get the entire world scenery collection on a 3-DVD set.

  • If you have trouble connecting, please visit one of our FTP mirrors

Download Scenery (v1.0.1)

  • Graphical Interface - Click on the 10x10 section to download the corresponding scenery.
  • Direct from the server:
Choose one of the previous links to manually download sections of the world. You can download scenery for the entire world in 10x10 degree chunks. The files are named according to the coordinates of their lower, left hand corner. If you move your cursor over a tile on the graphical image, your browser should display the name the corresponding section.

There is a new utility available (as part of the FlightGear src) called "terrasync". This utility runs in the background in a separate process, monitors your position, and downloads (or updates) the latest greatest scenery from the master scenery server "just in time". There is a README with the terrasync utility that explains how to run it.

Curtis L. Olson