FGFS Related Links

In addition to www.flightgear.org, there are a large number of websites either directly related to FlightGear, or which contain information of use to the FlightGear pilot. This page provides a non-exhaustive list of them. Any additions or corrections should be sent to the maintainer at the bottom of the page.

Major Projects

FlightGear relies directly on a number of other projects, including:
  • JSBSim Flight Dynamics Modeling. JSBSim is an object-oriented, multi-platform, flight dynamics model written in C++. It is one of the several ways to drive aircraft flight "math/physics" for FlightGear, but JSBSim also can be run in a standalone mode and is also being used for other projects. The JSBSim web site also strives to serve as a resource to flight simulation engineers, hosting and providing links to relevant technical papers and references to other sites.
  • TerraGear. TerraGear, using geographical elevation- and landuse-data as input, provides the physical geography of the FlightGear world, from the sea to the mountains.
  • FlightGear Scenery Object Database. All the buildings, structures, and other objects in the FlightGear world are stored in this database. Contributing new objects to this database is an easy way to help the project and improve your local virtual flights.
  • FlightGear World Custom Scenery Project. A major project to improve the quality of the world scenery by using GRASS and other well-known OGC-compilant tools.
  • FGMS. A standalone network server for FlightGear, With fgms you can fly with other pilots scattered around the world. You can assemble experiences in formation flight, build virtual airlines, track yourself on google maps, etc.

FlightGear Tools

There are a number of add-ons to FlightGear available.

  • TaxiDraw is a taxiway editor for FlightGear and X-Plane, written by David Luff.
  • Scenery Designer. is an interactive program that allow its user to design custom sceneries, written by Fred Bouvier.
  • Atlas - Cartography for virtual worlds. A FlightGear compatible moving map display and atlas.
  • The FlightGear AI Aircraft Download Page hosted by Durk Talsma.
  • Kelpie Flight Planner for FlightGear - A Java/SWT based Gui flight planner which uses the airport and navaid databases of Flightgear, allowing the user to search for airports and navigation aids and plan flights between them.
  • Signs: Displays city/airport/object names as floating text within the FlightGear visuals. Requires no changes to the FG code, but requires write access to the FlightGear data tree.

FlightGear Web Pages

Other websites dedicated to FlightGear.

Flight Dynamics Modeling and Aircraft Modelling

Resources for people interested in creating new aircraft for FlightGear.

Other Flight Sim Related sites on the Net

World Data

Geographical Data and Maps

Land Use Data

  • Global Land Use Datasets - Nasa Goddard Institute - Country codes, Cultivation intensity, Fractional inundation, Normalized difference vegetation index, Population density, Soil units, Vegetation, Wetland ecosystems ...

Airport and Navaid info

World Weather Info Sources

World Modeling Tools

Development Links

Philosophy and Tips

Computer Graphics/OpenGL

OpenGL for Win32

OpenGL for Mac

OpenGL Hardware Acceleration

Data Manipulation (Gridding, Triangulation, Triangle Strips, etc.)

Terrain Rendering Techniques

  • James Stewart - Interesting research into terrain illumination (self shading, and shadow casting) and visibility culling in terrains.

Cloud Rendering Techniques

Free Development Tools




Other Tools

3d Modeling Tools

Other Useful Sites

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