Note: as hard as we've tried, it is impossible to perfectly maintain
this file.  If you are aware of someone who you think should be
included here, PLEASE let me know.  Projects like this are made
possible only by the help and hard work of others.  I want to properly
credit everyone who has contributed to this project.

A1 Free Sounds
  Granted permission for the flightgear project to use some of the
  sound effects from their site.

Syd Adams:
  Added clipping to 2d instruments.  Added volume control to ATC-chatter.
  Created and maintain: DHC2, B1900D, Aerostar 700, S76C+ helicopter,
  Cessna Citation Bravo & CitationX, A6M2 'Zero'.  Assisted with Cessna
  Citation II with Curt and 777-200 with Justin Smithies.

Mark Akermann 
  Redone sun code. The sun now consists of three textures with individual 
  colors which are calculated based on the effect of light scattering.
  This is accomplished by using various environmental data and by 
  calculating the distance the light travels through the atmosphere.

Raul Alonzo 
  Mr. Alonzo is the author of Ssystem and provided his kind permission 
  for using the moon texture. I also used parts of his code as a template
  when adding the texture.  Ssystem Homepage can be found at:

Michele America 
  Contributed to the HUD code.

Emmanuel Baranger <>
  Many, many very nice aircraft models.

Andrei Barbu 
  Designed and implemented the current version of the FlightGear website.

Michael Basler 
  Author of the Getting Started guide.

Paul Beardsley 
  The 1903 Wright Flyer was inspired by a model contributed by Paul
  Beardsley.  Very little of the original model remains, but without
  Paul's excellent work we might not have our own 1903 Flyer. Model
  was reworked and retextured by Jim Wilson.

Jon S. Berndt 
  Chief architect of JSBSim, the default flight dynamics model (FDM)
  for FlightGear. Jon's professional work has involved simulation and
  prototyping for vehicles ranging from the F-16 to his current work
  on the space shuttle and future manned launch vehicles. Since 1998
  Jon has been working on creating JSBSim together with co-author Tony
  Peden. JSBSim is an object-oriented, multi-platform aerospace
  vehicle simulator that can be integrated with broader flight
  simulation programs (since it provides no visual model), or run in a
  standalone mode for batch runs. For more information, see the JSBSim
  home page at:

Paul Bleisch 
  Paul redid the "debug" system so that it would be much more flexible,
  so it could be easily disabled for production system, and so that 
  messages for certain subsystems could be selectively enabled.
  Also contributed a first stab at a config file/command line parsing

Matthias Boerner <> 
  Coorganizer of the FlightGear booth at the annual LinuxTag event in

Alexis Bory
  Very nice models, including the F14-B.

Jim Brennan 
  Provided a big chunk of online space to store USA scenery for Flight Gear.

Bernie Bright 
  Many C++ style, usage, and implementation improvements.
  STL portability, tons o' stuff. :-)
  Threading support and threaded tile pager.
  Initiate the fgrun project

Francesco Brisa <>
  Scenery models and ground networks for Italian airports.

Bernhard H. Buckel 
  Contributed the README.Linux
  Co-Author of the "Getting Started Manual"

Gene Buckle 
  Gene has done a lot of work getting FG to compile with the MSVC++
  compiler.  Also, he has pushed, proded, and bugged me endlessly to
  do my stuff right.  (I mean that in a good way, because sometimes
  when the little nudge in the right direction isn't working, I need
  a good hard shove.) :-)

Ralph Carmichael 
  Thanks to Ralph for his support of the FlightGear project. At
  Public Domain Aeronautical Software you will find the PDAS CD-ROM for sale,
  packed with great programs of use to aeronautical engineers. At this web
  site there are also some sample downloads to show what is on the CD.

Didier Chauveau 
  Provided some initial code to parse the 30 arcsec DEM files found at:

John Check 
  Maintains the base package repository
  Joystick howto
  Panel howto
  New instrument panel configurations

Dave Cornish 
  Created our new, super cool, runway textures.
  Created some of our cloud textures.

Oliver Delise 
  FAQ Maintainer, Documentation, Public Relations.
  Author of (the now depreciated) networking / multi-user support.
  Founder of the FlightGear MultiPilot Project :

Jean-Francois Doue
  Vector 2D, 3D, 4D and Matrix 3D and 4D inlined C++ classes.  (Based on
  Graphics Gems IV ed. Paul S. Heckbert)

Torsten Dreyer
  Contributed a very nice Piper Sceneca, closely modelled after the 
  real thing. 
  Many other nice aircraft, buildings, etc etc.

Dave Eberly 
  Contributed some sphere interpolation code used by Christian Mayer's
  weather data base system.  Go to Dave's web site.  He has a ton of
  really useful looking code available there.

Martin Eschen <>
 Helped enourmously toward finishing the full scale traffic demo at EHAM.

Francine Evans 
  Wrote the @#$@#$@% GPL'd tri-striper we use and "love". :-)

Oscar Everitt 
  Created single engine piston engine sounds as part of an F4U package
  for FS98.  They are pretty cool and Oscar was happy to contribute
  them to our little project.

Detlef Faber
  Many WWII era aircraft.

Leidson Campos A. Ferreira 
  Rewrote the Jpeg screen httpd streaming (--jpg-httpd option)

Olaf Flebbe
  Improved the build system for Windows and provided pre-built

Bruce Finney 
  MSVC5 compatibility.

Thomas Förster <>
   Updates to the AI system, including the Dykstra route finding algorithm,
   adding a performance class, and many code clean-ups.
   Co-organizer of the annual LinuxTag booth.

Melchior Franz 
  Reworked the joystick driver detection code, added high/low support for
  "hats".  Nasal-ified the Saitek Cyborg Gold 3D (USB) joystick which now
  forms the basis of a lot of programmable joysticks.
  Ruthlessly hunted down memory leaks in FlightGear, SimGear, and JSBSim.
  Maintains the only fully working helicopter model in FlightGear (Bolkow 105).
  Made the GUI code fully XML configurable and added support for themes,
  reworked property browser, route manager and several other dialogs.
  Wrote Dynamic Cockpit View, Fly-By view and lots of other Nasal code.
  Implemented Nasal "listeners".

Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler 
  Authors of the zlib library.  Used for on-the-fly compression and
  decompression routines.

Thomas Gellekum 
  Changes and updates for compiling on FreeBSD

Ralf Gerlich <>
  Technical Genius behind the Custom Scenery Project. 
  Current maintainer of TaxiDraw

Anders Gidenstam <>
  Support for Lighter than Air vehicles.
  Author of the ZeppelinNT.

Neetha Girish 
  Contributed the xml configurable HUD changes.

Jeff Goeke-Smith 
  Contributed our first autopilot.  (Heading Hold)
  Better autoconf check for external timezone/daylight variables in 

Michael I. Gold 
  Patiently answered my endless "newbie" OpenGL questions.
  His effort alone has made me a great SGI fan.

  RedHat package building changes for SimGear.

Csaba Halász <>
  Many bugfixes and code checking.

Ampere Hardraade <>
  Many detailed 3D models of aircraft, including the MD11, and several

Brett Harrison <>
  Ground networks for various airports.
  Most of the liveries for the new C172p by HHS.
  AI Repaints for several 737's and C172's

Dave Haskell 
  Original exterior textures for the Cessna 310 U-3A model. Only a few
  minor modifications were made.

Mike Hill 
  Contributed 3d aircraft models to our project.

Erik Hofman 
  Major overhaul and parameterization of the sound module, to allow
  aircraft-specific sound configuration at runtime.
  Did a lot of code improvements and bug-hunting.
  Creator of most of the ground textures.
  Maintainer of the F-15, F-16, F-104, T-37, PC-7, Fokker 50 and 100 models.
  Keeps the Irix port current.
  Localization support.

Charlie Hotchkiss  
  Worked on improving and enhancing the HUD code.
  Lots of code style tips and code tweaks ...

Bruce Jackson of NASA  
  Developed the LaRCsim code under funding by NASA which we use to provide
  the flight model. Bruce has patiently answered my many, many questions.

Ron Jensen
  Contributed to the piston engine code in JSBSim.

Maik Justus 
  Developed YASim's helicopter/rotor logic.
  Implemented aerotowing, water plane and anchor support for YASim, and
  made its gear aware of the surface material.
  Wrote the Bo105 helicopter FDM configuration file.

Ove Kaaven
  Debian packaging of SimGear/FlightGear

Richard Kaszeta 
  Contributed screen buffer to ppm screen shot routine.
  Rich has also helped in the early development of the Flight Gear "altitude 
  hold autopilot module" by teaching Curt Olson the basics of Control Theory 
  and helping him code and debug early versions. Curt's "Boss" Bob Hain
  also contributed .  Further details available at:
  Rich's Homepage:

Vassilii Khachaturov 
  Support of navaids as autopilot waypoints.
  Switching the tower view to a different tower at any time.
  Various code, GUI, and documentation fixes and updates.

Tom Knienieder 
  Ported Steve's Audio library first to OpenBSD and IRIX and
  after that also to Win32

Reto Koradi 
  Helped me get on track with setting up fog effects.

Bob Kuehne 
  Redid the Makefile system so it is simpler and more robust.

Chris Lampard 
  Original exterior geometry for the Cessna 310 U-3A model. Several
  modifications made but most of the exterior is as is converted from
  Chris's original.  The interior cockpit was added by Jim Wilson.

David Luff 
  Contributed heavily to the IO360 piston engine model.
  Created the ATC intelligent traffic subsystem.
  Creator of TaxiDraw, a program to modify the taxiway layout
  for FlightGear.

Lewis Magruder 
  Original A-4 Blue Angels exterior model and textures.  Lewis's work
  is pretty much as converted from the original.  The interior cockpit
  was added by Jim Wilson.

Christian Mayer 
  Working on a multi-lingual conversion tools for fgfs 
  as a demonstration of technology ;-)
  Contributed code to read msfs formated texture files.
  Working on a completely new weather subsystem.
  Working on a balloon simulator.

David Megginson 
  Contributed a patch to allow mouse input to control the yoke.
  Contributed financially towards hard drive space for use by the 
  flight gear project.
  Updates to README.running.
  Working on getting fgfs and ssg to work without textures.
  Also added the new 2D panel and the save/load support.
  Reorganization of the GUI to make it XML configurable.
  Property manager
  Generalized input module
  3D model animation module
  initial take of sound-effects module
  Random ground cover objects
  Vacuum and pitot systems.

Eric Mitchell 
  Contributed some topnotch scenery textures. His textures were 
  all original creations.

Cameron Moore 
  Reigning list admin.
  Provided man pages.
  Self-proclaimed code janitor.
   Has been maintaining FAQ for some years.

Tim Moore <>
  Many innovations to the OpenSceneGraph based graphics system.
  Counseling of other developers toward learning OSG
  Maintaing a GIT repository containing a mirror of FlightGear's
  source code, speficially for bugfix releases. 

Anders Morken 
  Maintained the European mirror of the FG web pages.
  Unfortunately this mirror has been taken down due to reglementation
  changes including an enforcement to 10 MB space per subscriber limit 
  which was way too small for the evergrowing FGFS Project's Files.
  He'd be happy to maintain a new one if he could find a place to put it,
  so if you have an idea, contact him!

Alan Murta
  Created the Generic Polygon Clipping library

Phil Nelson  
  Author of GNU dbm.  gdbm is a set of database routines that use
  extendible hashing and works similar to the standard UNIX dbm routines.

Tatsuhiro Nishioka
  Maintainer of the Mac port. 
  Contributed some very nice Japanese aircraft models.

Alexei Novikov 
  Created European Scenery
  Contributed a script to turn fgfs scenery into beautifully rendered 
  2d maps.
  Contributed a first draft of a scenery creation howto.

Curt Olson 
  Curt is responsible for overall project and source code management.
  He has his hands in many of the areas, but is primarily responsible
  for the scenery subsystem, as well as much of the infrastructure in
  the sim.
  Handles most parts of the regular scenery rebuild, including lots of
  improvements of the vertex calculation code.
  Added the nw PID based, configurable autopilot code.
  Added the Electrical system.
  Added Runway lighting.

Brian Paul
  His TR Library:
  And also Mesa of course:

Tony Peden 
  Contributions on the flight model front, including a LaRCsim based 
  Cessna 172.  JSBsim: the initial conditions code, a more complete 
  standard atmosphere model, and other bugfixes/additions. 

Robin Peel 
  Maintains the ever growing worldwide airport, runway, and navigation
  aid database for the Flight Gear project as well as for X-Plane.

Alex Perry 
  Contributed code to more accurately model VSI, DG, Altitude.
  Contributed to the Install and Getting Started manual.

Pigeon <>
  Developed the multiplayer network infrastructure.

Friedemann Reinhard 
  Contributed beginnings of a textured instrument panel.

Frederic Bouvier 
  Keeps FlightGear MSVC compatible.
  Did a number of code changes to improve the animation code.
  Added a number of animations that improves the visual system quite a lot.
  Did a nice job populating the San Francisco bay area by adding a lot
  of static scenery.
  Builds the FlightGear binary windows distributions.
  Maintainer of fgrun, the defacto launcher on windows and many other platforms.
  Author of fgsd, a standalone scenery designer. 
  Provides regular binary snapshots of flightgear and it's related projects for
  the windows community.

Petter Reinholdtsen 
  Incorporated the Gnu automake/autoconf system (with libtool).
  This should streamline and standardize the build process for all
  Unix-like platforms.  It should have little effect on IDE type 
  environments since the don't use the Unix make system.

William Riley 
  Contributed code to add "brakes". 
  Patch to support a first joystick with more than two axes.
  World scenery based on vmap0 data.

Gijs de Rooy <>
  Contributed some very nice building models, including a very
  detailed layout of the Amsterdam airport terminals, and many
  downtown buildings.
  Redid the Boeing 747-400 3D model
  Very active first aid responder on the official Flightgear 
Gerard Robin <>
  Many nice Aircraft models

Andy Ross 
  Contributed a new configurable FDM, "YASim", based on geometry
  information rather than aerodynamic coefficients.
  Added support for placing 2D panel objects in 3D space.
  Modified the HUD code to make it more accurate and added 3D support.
  Modified the UI code to allow a far more flexible grouping system.
  Added the Nasal scripting language and added FlightGear integration.

Brian Schack <>
  Current maintainer of Atlas, the moving map program for FlightGear
Paul Schlyter   
  Mr. Schlyter provided Durk Talsma with all the information 
  he needed to write the astro code. Mr. S. is also willing 
  to answer astro-related questions whenever one needs to.

Christian Schmitt <>
  Detailed Frankfurt airport buildings.
  Contributions to the custom scenery project.

Chris Schoeneman 
  Contributed some 3d sound playing code for Irix, Win32, and Linux
  It is unclear if this code will be used directly, but it certainly
  will have an influence on the development of our own audio library.

Phil Schubert 
  Contributed various textures and engine modelling.
Heiko Schulz <>
  Contributed AI traffic for EDDF
  EDDF Night lights
  ground networks

Jonathan R Shewchuk 
  Author of the Triangle program.  Triangle is used to calculate the
  Delauney triangulation of our irregular terrain.

Gordan Sikic 
  Contributed a cherokee flight model for LaRCsim.  
  Currently is not working and needs to be debugged.  
  Use configure  --with-flight-model=cherokee
  to build the cherokee instead of the navion.

Michael Smith 
  Contributed cockpit graphics, 3d models, logos, and other images.
  Project Bonanza -

Martin Spott 
  Contributed to the installation / user guide.
  Coorganizer of the FlightGear booth at the annual LinuxTag event in
  Manages the "World Scenery" releases.

Jon Stockill <>
  Maintainer of the object database.

Martin Dressler 
  Created some outstanding panel instrumentation textures
  for use in full-screen mode.

U.S. Geological Survey
  Provided geographic data used by this project

Durk Talsma 
  Accurate Sun, Moon, and Planets. 
  Sun changes color based on position in sky.
  Moon has correct phase and blends well into the sky.
  Planets are correctly positioned and have proper magnitude.
  Help with time functions, gui, and other misc stuff.
  2D Cloud layers (nifty).
  Added the AirTraffic module for scheduled AI airliners and other aircraft.
  Full scale AI traffic demo for EHAM.
  Current FlightGear release manager.

Gabor Toth <>
  Contributed some Livery repaints for AI Aircraft
  Contributed many ideas leading towards the Traffic Manager II format
  Runs FGTracker, an online flight tracking service for FlightGear

James Turner <>
  Many code cleanups of the internal structure of the airport database,
  runway parsing, route management. 
  Is currently working on adding flightmanagement support.

UIUC - Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
  Contributed modifications to LaRCsim to allow loading of aircraft
  parameters from a file.  These modifications were made as part of an
  icing research project.

  Did the coding and made it all work:
      Jeff Scott 
      Bipin Sehgal 
      Michael Selig 

  Helped support the effort
      Jay Thomas 
      Eunice Lee 
      Elizabeth Rendon 
      Sudhi Uppuluri 

Mark Vallevand 
  Contributed some METAR parsing code.
  Contributed some win32 screen printing routines.

Gary R. Van Sickle 
  Contributed some initial GameGLUT support and other fixes.
  Has done some interesting preliminary work on a binary file format

  Has set up a 'Cygwin Tips' site that has been very helpful to many 
  people in getting a Cygwin Unix-on-Windows build environment set up
  so they can build FG effectively.

Norman Vine 
  Provided more than uncountable URL's to the "FlightGear Community".
  Many performance optimizations throughout the code.  
  Many contributions and much advice for the scenery generation section.
  Lots of windoze related contributions.
  Contributed wgs84 distance and course routines.
  Contributed a great circle route autopilot mode based on wgs84 routines.
  Many other GUI, HUD, and autopilot contributions.
  Contributed a patch to allow mouse input to control view direction.
  Ultra hires tiled screen dumps.
  Contributed the initial 'goto airport' and 'reset' functions
  Contributed the initial http image server code
  Did the build instructions for OpenAL (and SDL) for Cygwin.

Roland Voegtli 
  Great photorealistic textures.
  Founder of European Scenery Project for X-Plane

Carmelo Volpe 
  Contributed some work to porting Flight Gear to the Metro Works 
  development environment (PC/Mac)

Darrell Walisser 
  Contributed a large number of MacOS changes and has somehow managed
  to get a pile of code written by a bunch of people who've never seen
  a Mac to compile and run on said platform.
  Provides MacOS-specific info in the docs.

David Culp 
  Changed the layout of the conbtrolls section and added a great number
  of extra controls which will prove to be usefull no and for the future.
  Contributed a number of aircraft configuration files, including a T-38 and
  Boeing 737.
  Implemented the AIModels subsystem (originally based on the ATC traffic code)
  and extended it to support ships, aircraft, ballistic objects, thunder-storms,
  and thermals.
  Added a lot of updated to JSBSIm, esp. for the turbine section.

Ed Williams 
  Contributed magnetic variation code (impliments Nima WMM 2000)
  We've also borrowed from Ed's wonderful aviation formulary at various
  times as well.

Jim Wilson 
  Wrote a major overhaul of the viewer code to make it more flexible 
  and modular.  Contributed many small fixes and bug reports.
  Contributed the the pui property browser.
  Contributed to the autopilot.
  Created several excellent 3D aircraft models, including the p-51,
  Wright Flyer and the Boeing 747.

Jean-Claude Wippler 
  Author of MetaKit - a portable, embeddible database with a portable
  data file format.  This software is not GPL'd but the author is kindly
  allowing us to bundle MetaKit with our code.  MetaKit has a liberal
  X/MIT-style license.  Please see the following URL for more info:

Holger Wirtz <>
Author of FGCom, a voice communication program intented for FlightGear 

John Wojnaroski 
  Open Glass Cockpit project
  3d clouds

Marcus Zojer <>
   Contributed a B1B aircraft model.

Lee Elliot 
  Author of the YF-23, A-10, Ann225, B-52 and TSR-2 models.
  Did a lot of suggestions for better aircraft modelling, some of which
  resulted in code changes to accomplish them.

Innis Cunningham 
  Modelled the 737 and contributed to the T38.

Vivian Meazza 
  Added a number of excellent aircraft models including the Hawker Hunter
  and Seahawk.
  Provided realistic wind, gravity and drag calculations for AIBallistic models,
  as well as terrain intersections (impacts) of submodels.
  Added the Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System and AI code for AICarrier and
  AIShip, and implemented the TACAN navigation instrument

David Culp 
  Added the AI model and scenario code which allows non interactive models
  (like aircraft, ships, ballistic models, storms and thermals) to move
  around the scenery in a predefined way. Every model can have it's own
  special characteristics. The thermal model for instance is a non-visible
  model that creates an updraft around it's center.

Mathias Fröhlich 
  Implemented the groundcache code which made it possible for aircraft
  to follow the ground precisely and, as a result, made it possible to
  land on aircraft carriers.
  Modified YASim, JSBSim  and LaRCsim to support the groundcache code.
  Reorganized the code to eliminate the viewer jitter for close by objects.

Harald Johnsen 
  Added a new 3D cloud implementation which also works on big-endian machines.
  This code allows for clouds of any types and any shapes (and even deformation
  while moving).
  Implemented volumetric shadowing.

Roy Vegard Ovesen 
  Implemented the KAP140 autopilot.
  Added a generic, XML configurable, autopilot framework.
  Added an Altitude encoder.
  Added a transponder.
  Made the instruments code much more configurable, it is now possible to only
  include instruments that are actually present.
  Added several high level, configurable filter implementations for use by
  autopilot designers.

Stuart Buchanan 
  Substantial additions to the Getting Started Manual
  Enhancements to the Cessna-310 3d model.
  Added a generic yoke model, a generic throttle quadrant model and a 
  generic pedal set model.
  OSG based three 3D clouds.
  Forum moderator.

Stefan Seifert 
  Added the save-on-exit option to save the user preferences at program exit.

Space Imaging, Inc
  Space Imaging has allowed us to use the images in their archive for
  commercial and non-commercial use, provided the original image can't be
  extracted  from the textures.
  Some (if not all) of the best textures in use by FlightGear wouldn't be
  possible without the satellite images provided by them.

Airservices Australia
  Duncan McCreanor and Diarmuid Tyson created a multiplayer engine for
  FlightGear when putting together a demonstration to show the possibilities
  of using Flightgear as the basis for an Air Traffic has allowed us to use their building diagrams to
  make textures and 3d models of their buildings.

WoodSoup Project
  [ FlightGear no longer uses woodsoup services, but we appreciate
  the support provided to our project during the time they hosted us. ]
  Provided computing resources and services so that the Flight Gear 
  project could have real home.  This includes, web services, 
  ftp services, shell accounts, email lists, dns services, etc.

Robert Allan Zeh 
  Helped me tremendously in figuring out the Cygnus win32 compiler and
  how to link with .dll's.  With out him the first runable win32
  version of FG would have been impossible.



Curt L. Olson  


Oliver Delise  

Updated 2001-12-11 by David Megginson,
Updated 2003-04-17,
Updated 2004-06-01,
Updated 2005-04-02 by Erik Hofman,
Updated 2009-02-02 by Durk Talsma

Curtis L. Olson