Download Main Program

Important Information

  • If you have a slow/expensive net connection, prefer physical media, or want to help the FlightGear project, FlightGear is available for purchase.
  • For a complete FGFS manual, please refer to the official FlightGear Manual.
  • If you have trouble connecting, please visit one of our FTP mirrors
  • Caution: Check the version numbers of the following prebuilt packages. There is can be a delay between the official release and when the ready to run binaries of the same version become available.

Windows (versions 7, 8, 10)

  • Download: FlightGear 2019.1.1.exe (1.7 Gb)
  • After downloading the exe file, launch it and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.  The installer will create start menu entries, install documentation, optionally install a desktop icon.  It will also will provide a well behaved uninstaller.
  • When you start FlightGear you will be presented with an initial “launch control” screen which allows you to select your aircraft, as well as a starting airport and runway.
  • FlightGear ships with an extensive 218 page manual. We encourage people to at least take a glance through it, especially if they have questions or problems.

Macintosh OSX (versions 10.8, 10.9, 10.10)

  • Download” FlightGear-2019.1.1.dmg (1.7 Gb)
  • Quick install instructions: double click on the downloaded .dmg file.  Then from the window that opens up, drag the FlightGear icon to your “Applications” folder.  When the install is complete, you can run FlightGear from your Applications folder.


If you love Linux (like we do) and don’t see the newest version of FlightGear available yet for your favorite distribution, please let your distribution maintainers know how badly you want FlightGear packaged for your system — and once it’s there, let us know so we can put a link right here!  If you see any out-dated information here, please let us know.  We will update this section as packages are built and made available.


  • FlightGear  is available from the FreeBSD Ports collection as games/flightgear.
  • To install it from source, execute the following command as ‘root’:
    # cd /usr/ports/games/flightgear; make install
  • Alternatively, depending on your system and the repositories available, you may be able to install a pre-compiled binary using the following command:
    # pkg install flightgear