FlightGear 2020.1.2 Released

FlightGear 2020.1.2 contains bug-fixes and improvements to the 2020.1 release. For users experimenting with the Compositor renderer, there’s now clearer information on startup, and a simple interface to select the display settings (performance or higher quality)

Bugs affecting macOS users when updating from an older version were fixed, as well as other bugs in GPX flightplan loading.

As usual, grab the updated files here

3 Replies to “FlightGear 2020.1.2 Released”

  1. I have downloaded the Boeing 777 – 300 and when I go to engage the autopilot it says i am in fact disengaging it. Sometimes it works but more often it doesn’t

    1. You can only engage autopilot if you have the yoke close to the neutral position. you need to set the pitch trim correctly by HOME and END buttons

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