Help getting started with FlightGear, translations

The next bug-fix release of FlightGear, version 2020.3.6, will be released in a few days time. As usual, this includes many bug-fixes based on crash reports and feedback from users. Also included is a new addition to help new users find their way around the software: getting started tips.

FlightGear 2020.3.6 launcher, with a getting started tip visible

To really be useful, these hints should appear in the user’s own language. (Along with the rest of the software, of course). Translating FlightGear is a volunteer effort like everything else we do : if you speak a language which is not currently supported, and would like to add that language, it’s a great way to start contributing.

Our wiki has documentation on how the translation process works, and as always help is available on our forums and mailing list.

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  1. From the “Features” page of Flight Gear, I read the following:
    “FlightGear has built in support for driving multiple displays from a single instance of the application.”

    I cannot find this in the program though. Can this be done from a “settings” page like in X-Plane, or does a config file have to be modified? I looked at the README.multiscreen file, but it is not very easy to understand.

  2. i am dyslexic. there is nowhere near enough information accessible to me to come anywhere close to getting started.
    i know what i want from this flight simulator, but there is absolutely no way for me to get there from here.
    i can’t even find any information on what additional hardware will work (yoke? throttle quadrant? rudder pedals?) with this simulator.
    please tell me who’s mind i am expected to read to get this information,

    1. Hi Jeff. Unfortunately since all the software and documentation is created by volunteers in their spare time, we do have pieces which are not very clear.

      Most common joysticks, yokes and pedals work with FlightGear, but there are some which need customisation of configuration files. The best place to find information is probably our Wiki (, and to get detailed answers, to ask in our forums.

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