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The attached photo illustrates a successful integration of Cobra Technologies Servovalve and Electronic Controller" into a precission three axis Motion Base Simulator. Motion control is initiated by means of an operator-controlled flight yoke or joystick, used to control sixty (60) degrees (+/- 30) of pitch and roll axis motion. Rudder pedals provide (+ /- 15) degrees of motion control for the yaw axis. The servovalve control system is an efficient, high performance controller, which features high fluid flow rates and broad bandwidth capability (nearly 200 HZ). Two 1/8 H.P. pneumatic airbrush compressors are used to power the chair. Operating pressures range from 30-40 PSI.

Also shown, is a Pentium III 500 Mhz PC, which connects with the joystick and rudder pedals allowing for the playing of numerous PC games and flight simulator packages, such as Microsoft's popular "Flight Simulator 2000". Images are displayed on a 18 inch LCD monitor. Added sound, via a 50-watt base speaker attached underneath the chair base, provides additional realism. Mechanical sound resonance sensed by the operator further enhances the "Gaming Experience".

A recent software upgrade to the chairs flight simulation capability includes the ability to fly "FlightGear" Open-Source software ( a realistic Linux based "closed Loop" flight simulation packaged featuring a USB interface. Software "hooks" implemented into the FlightGear software, provide real-time pitch, roll, and yaw aircraft flight angles. These digital signals are output and converted, through use of a 12-bit D/A converter, to drive the servovalve/actuator assembly. This action insures accurate responsive simulator chair and aircraft motion synchronization, culminating in a realistic motion control event.

The Heart of the System

The servovalve used in the above application was developed from a grant from the National Science Foundation. In addition to the mechanical features found in the valve, a unique computer (algorithm) control system was developed which insures fast stable dynamic response.

Our current valve design, for Flight Simulator / Game Chair applications is calculated to flow 30 scfm, at 100 PSI, although the valve design is capable of operating at much higher pressures and flow rates.

Up Coming Event

The Flight Simulator Motion Chair will be featured July 7-9 2000, at the San Diego Convention Center, in San Diego, Ca., in an ExpoProductions, Inc. Presentation called " Toys" For Big Boys And Girls Expo. On July 7, a special showing will be held comprised of community & business leaders, Sports Figures..etc., including a "So Kids Can Dream" Charity Silent Auction.

The Expo will also provide local television news coverage of the Flight Simulation Chair. As a special treat the show promoters will invite Apollo Astronauts Wally Schirra and or Buz Aldrin to take the controls.

For more information, contact Ray Woodworth.

Curtis L. Olson