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58 comments on “Download Aircraft v3.4
  1. Rodrigo says:

    HI! i THINK all of the above aircraft can be made available in a single .zip file as an option, as well as those at
    This would greatly facilitate the lives of those who want to have all the aircraft.
    Thank you and keep up the awesome work! I tell about FlightGear to everyone who likes aviation/gaming.

    • Rodrigo says:

      I have discovered a way of downloading all the aircraft at once through Linux:
      wget -m but my thought about ​​making an aircraft bundle available can still be taken into account. 🙂

  2. Adnan says:

    Hi. I am working on a college project for which I required quadcopter 3d model only. Any idea or if any one have it?

  3. Micheal Johnson says:

    Just a heads-up that the links are not working (e.g. – you have to remove the “/pub” part from the URL (so the correct version would be

  4. Charlie West says:

    Is there a technam sierra, since i am learning to fly one currently

    • Seth Streidl says:

      Help me, how do u download aircrafts on mac. It makes no sense. what is guy launcher and zip eat help

      • Kamil says:

        Hi its simply. You have to right click on flightgear ico -> show package -> contents -> Resources -> data -> aicraft, and put here unpacked folder with plane

  5. Lucdeb says:

    Hi, can I find somewhere an Aermacchi MB339?

  6. kvidoCZ says:

    flightgear is very very very good game… Good textures and very nice models of planes.:-)

  7. Anton says:

    Does anyone now where to download the model for the Boeing 747-8F?

  8. Mathilu4 says:

    flightgear pls make an Airbus 350 XWB

  9. anonymous says:

    can you please add the a330-300 as i have tried it 22 times if flymerlion and the omega hangar and it docent read the plane and just says 0 on every rating.

  10. Eugenio says:

    Please someone add the Yakovlev YAK-52.A really beautyful aircraft to fly(in real life i own one)

  11. Jake says:

    please may you put the DHC-6 twin otter aircraft on here because i have been looking for ages. Thank you

    • DG-505 says:

      Hi Jake,

      the Twin Otter is already here. You need to uncheck the box “Show aircraft with known status only (filter on completeness/accuracy)” at the top of this page.
      Note that the Twin Otter you can download from here is a completely outdated version. With the next release you can expect a very big update.

      Cheers and merry x-mas

  12. Moises says:

    If possible, Airplane Piaggio P180, please. I miss it from FSX.

    Thank you.

    PS: I’ve loaded FlightGear V.3.6.0-RC. Just great!!! Thank you so much!

    • Cameron Taylor says:

      on here its called the P180, deselect the filter box and scroll down to the “p” section of aircraft

      – KIWI34

    • Mark says:

      If you at the top tap the red and green boxes with crosses in so the top one is green and the bottom red and scroll down to p and you will find it

  13. Monica says:

    Why is the CRJ700 family so low in quality? It worked fine when I first used it.

    • Mat Tiessen says:

      I was wondering what happened to a lot of the aircraft that are no longer available after the last update? Some of the aircraft I miss are the A6, Boeing 787, E3 and more. I was wondering if anyone knows why there are so many aircraft that are no longer available?

  14. ABDULLAH says:

    Good but wish that u have a file with all aircraft and airport for direct install

  15. ali kazemloo says:

    f-7 mg chines fighter aircraft——how can i download and install this aircraft in my flight gear software?

  16. Moises says:

    The only thing I can say about FlightGear is:
    Thank you so much to all those who have made it possible!!!
    Thank you again.

  17. Brandon says:

    I like the game but PLEASE work more on the md11, it’s cockpit and controls don’t work

    • rastafioul says:

      It is a simulator.

      Please help yourself and work on the plane too. This is what’s call an opensource programm (which you probably did not pay) where everybody can help… including you. That could be the price you give for enjoying such a simulator.

  18. 呀你日呀 says:

    Well, I can’t complain much. This game has brought knowledge in my way and have gain much experience. 我愛你 flight team.

    Thank you for this game, it’s really making me feel at home when am free, doing nothing.

    But you need to work on AIRBUS380. And add more planes so that we can download or we can choose.

    謝謝。 Flight team.

  19. Hussein says:

    I wish the new 787-8 was available. The links on Omega Hangar are not working anymore. I’m glad I managed to get the A330. Does anyone know how to get the new 787?

  20. Clive says:

    Hi, i am new to Flightgear and i would like to thank the developers for such an amazing product.

  21. Avimimus says:

    Dornier Do R4 Nas is a dependency for Zeppelin LZ 121 Nordstern.

    However, the Dornier R4 is no longer available for download!

    • Avimimus says:

      Ah, I solved the problem:

      – The error message directory structure implied the Dornier R4 (confirmed through the wiki page)

      – I then had to uncheck the filter for the aircraft page (rather than move all the sliders to the left – as I had done previously).

      – Then figure out that the R4 is not in the Dornier section, but is instead called ‘superwal’

      – Then install it.

      It might be easier to just include the files in the Zeppline’s archive though?

  22. James Snow says:

    I’ve been a A + P/IA since 1985, and I just want to ty for making a flt sim that is as realistic as this one, Im amazed its open source. There still are great people in this world you just have to look for them, ty for putting greed on the back shelf.

    • James Snow says:

      Oh btw I work on the falcon 50 quite a bit, would love to see the f-900 and especially the mod f-200 with the TFE-731 power plant make it on here.

  23. D-ABBA says:


    I missed the famous Phantom-F4

  24. chris says:

    would love to see you guys make the yak-141 and the yak-38

  25. Tsoa says:

    Je suis super content du travail que vous faites. Je vous dit un grand merci !!! “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS “. Le resultat devient de plus en plus stupéfiant !!! Vraiment un grand merci.

  26. Robert says:

    Flightgear should Build the C-17 globemaster. That would be an awesome plane to fly. You should also be able to load and unload cargo.

  27. I am so glad that the FlightGear team provided this free. I am so thankful because this educational as well as entertaining. I feel of belonging because I can explain to someone about plains like I was born in them. Because of you, a fifteen year old boy has learned how to fly a 747 and land it safely enough that it has drawn national attention. If you haven’t heard check it out on YOUTUBE. I’M 46 and feel obsolete after watching it.

    Thanks, graphics, are on point.

  28. Glenn Oke says:

    ou peut on télecharger les avions de la gamme Airbus en dehors de l’A380?

  29. patrick says:

    just cool but i need request to make the 747LCF

  30. Amin says:

    i relay want a 737 and 757 and airbus a380 so bad

    • Jeremy says:

      Hi, it is available for download, if you do not see them. uncheck all boxes in the box before the aircrafts.

  31. Ryan says:

    Does anyone know how to download aircraft on version 3.4 and my platform is a Mac OS X 10.10?

    • daniel says:

      Open FlightGear.
      Click Settings tab.
      Click Open in Finder.
      Extract aircraft here.

    • Rob_Rogier says:

      To download — simply pick an aircraft from above and download the zip file to your Mac. Once you have it on the Mac, you have 2 choices. Either use the “Browse Application Settings” and copy the aircraft folder to the appropriate location or use the FlightGear Application. To do the latter, from the initial screen, choose “Advanced Features”, then select the “Others” tab and, finally, at the bottom of that screen, select “Install Addon Data”.

      Now, without this sounding like I’m just being hard to get along with, and hopefully the fact I took the time to explain your question will go to that, I urge, beg of, plead with you to read, read, read, the documentation, wiki’s, etc. on this product. I would first start here: — this is the getting started/ FlightGear manual. If you’re having questions on installing planes, you’ll soon wonder about scenery, painting your planes, why there’s a extra person sitting in your cockpit in certain planes, why is my framerate slow, what GPUs are… (Note, I’ve not yet run out of questions or answers in over 6 months of reading and using FlightGear. For all the questions which I reeled off at the end, goto and bookmark: As with any opensource program, no one is ever hesitant to answer questions for noobs. We all were at one time. However, there is a hesitancy to answer questions which are documented and it starts to become apparent that the person didn’t take any time to read the documentation.

      Please don’t take it that this is what I think you did here, it’s just a best practice with OpenSource products which will help you understand the product and help the developers know where to put their attention.

      Finally, the biggest way you can learn and help is to, help write articles on the wiki where you, as a Mac user, see gaps. Many people will help you with this, so you don’t need to worry about knowing the entire answer, but by you beginning to add to the documentation that is available, this product becomes better for all.

      I hope that helps!

      –Robert W. Rogier

    • Hassan says:

      Just download the planes- I did the A-10 and it works great. Once it’s in the downloads folder, right click (or ctrl click) on FlightGear while it’s in your dock and press ‘Show In Finder’. Then right click FlightGear there and press ‘Show Package Contents’, then ‘Contents’, then ‘Resources’, then ‘data’, then ‘Aircraft’, then drag the aircraft folder (in my case the A-10) into Aircraft. Open FlightGear and it will be there. Hope I helped.


  32. AMin says:

    this thing is good

  33. Aniruth.P.K says:

    I am thanking the FlightGear software foundation for giving this program to use for free of cost. I would like to be a Beta Tester for this software.

  34. jean-marc billo says:


  35. Pierre says:

    Very nice planes,thank you very much!
    Just a regret concerning Mosquito FB Mk VI whom we do not find any more and which is interesting under numerous respects.
    Would be i possible to obtain it again?

    • Gijs says:

      The Mosquito is still available from this page. Just untick the “Show aircraft with known status only” option at the top of the page 😉

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