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20 Replies to “Download Aircraft v3.2”

  1. I would like some more general aviation aircraft. Specifically, Cessna 210, Beechcraft Bonanza, or a Bellanca Super Viking. Does anyone know if there are any aircraft with a King KLN 94 GPS already in existence? If I have to build an airplane, what are the resources for avionics?

  2. I love flight gear so much and upgraded to yosemite. 3.4 is honestly unreal in a good way. I am so happy to get my wheels back up into the air!!!! THANK YOU SOM UCH AND HAVE A NICE FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ty i am about to try out flight gear i am really excited to have a go with it. im thinking of flying the 757 first aka boeing 757 have a nice flight 🙂

  3. hi all, what plane would be the best for low speed aerobatics? something like and extra 300 or pitts special but unfortunately, i don’t see one of them. thx

  4. Are the aircraft which show on this page, i.e. FG 3.2, optimized for FG 3.2 or are known to work well with FG 3.2 but have not necessarily been updated by their developers? I’ve never been sure of that.

    1. There IS a better a340 model. Just look it up! I have a version with more liveries, the announcements work, and there is an actual cockpit. Look up A340-600HGW (High Gross Weight)

  5. Great, cool stuff. 🙂
    Free and Open Source. Love it. !
    One question. What are the necessary tools and Languages I need to know to program or design an aircraft like this in FlightGear.

    1. Hi,
      dead simple :
      you only need……
      – to be patient;
      – to read as much as posible documentation, post on forums, etc;
      – Blender for 3D modeling available for free at, video tutorials are on youtube; if you already have AutoCad it will do too;
      – Gimp por textures available for free at, Photoshop or InkSkape will do the trick as well.
      Waiting for your first “Chefdoeuvre” …..Good luck

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