Help getting started with FlightGear, translations

The next bug-fix release of FlightGear, version 2020.3.6, will be released in a few days time. As usual, this includes many bug-fixes based on crash reports and feedback from users. Also included is a new addition to help new users find their way around the software: getting started tips.

FlightGear 2020.3.6 launcher, with a getting started tip visible

To really be useful, these hints should appear in the user’s own language. (Along with the rest of the software, of course). Translating FlightGear is a volunteer effort like everything else we do : if you speak a language which is not currently supported, and would like to add that language, it’s a great way to start contributing.

Our wiki has documentation on how the translation process works, and as always help is available on our forums and mailing list.