Flight sim community survey: open till November 23

For the first time, FlightGear is taking part in Navigraph’s annual flight sim survey, the largest of its kind (with 17,800 participants in 2019)! By participating, you can help establish a broad overview of the needs and wishes of flight sim users. While the survey is traditionally focused on the big commercial players, we got to help shape some of the questions this year. By participating, you get to show that our open-source flight simulator is a serious alternative (and maybe you learn a bit more about the width of the flight sim world too).

Follow this link to go to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/flightsi … flightgear

The survey closes on November 23 and results will be published on the 10th of December. We receive an extract from the (anonymous) answers of our own FlightGear community, so we can see how our community differs from the general flight sim public and hopefully learn some more about our own users.

Thank you for taking part!