FlightGear v2.4 Release Candidates


The target date for the FlightGear v2.4.0 release is August 17.  We have test releases built and we’d love for as many people as possible to give them a try.  You can find the download links on the master download page.  Look for “v2.4 Release Candidates” towards the bottom of the page.

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  1. Me encanta el nuevo juego yo soy un gran aficionado a los aviones y especialmente a Flightgear espero que pronso saqueis el Flightgear V 3.00 que seguro que seria mejor que el fsx y el x-plane y sabeis porque ? Pues porque Flightgear es gratis. Viva Flightgear y sus creadores

  2. I am running both Windows Vista (on my notebook) and Windows 7 on my more powerful desktop. I have downloaded the 2.4 version FOUR times as when I attempt to install it I get a message “corrupted file”. I have not yet tried to load it into the notebook as the file size is too large. What am I doing wrong, or is Win 7 not compatible with your program?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Jim Hespe

    1. It sounds like the large installer file is getting corrupted during download. You might try downloading with a different client (if you are using explorer, maybe try firefox or chrome.) Or try using bittorrent since that is pretty robust.

  3. It’s rather annoying that I spent half an hour downloading this thing and it doesn’t work on my version of OS X.

    1. What version of OSX do you run? The newest release should support OS X 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7 (Lion). I am told it is difficult to support 10.7 (Lion) and older versions 10.4 and before with the same package.

  4. we are 17 august and flightgear 2.4 is not ready yet? if i download the release candidate will i have to download the reel version after?

  5. i tried it and omg i love it! i just wish i could get more scenery and yeah. but idk how to!

  6. Hello, I’m testing the FG2.4rc5, and looks really good, pity that my video card will not let me take advantage of all the innovations, especially the lights.
    But what really has me bothered is the mouse, because from the 2.4 it behaves strangely. There is a demarcation area on the screen where it remains, and this has caused the drop in landing or takeoff.
    I looked in the archives to see if it was possible to return to the way he behaved in the mouse and could not FG.1.9.1. If you can do something to improve it, would be very good.
    Congratulations on the simulator.

    1. Specific linux packages will hopefully come soon. In the short term, it’s actually not all that difficult to compile yourself from source. Many of our developers use Linux as their primary platform.

  7. Wow Finally, I can’t wait to try Flightgear v2.4… I hope the runway lighings work fine in this new version.

    1. Yes, runway lights are working fine for all graphics cards with FG2.4.0. With some ATI cards is necessary to change a new configuration option in the rendering dialog: “disable point-sprites for runway lights”. This is reported to work for all users so far, who had seen issues with FG2.0.0.

  8. I had choosed for meters as flying unit, but i can only fly on feet mode? Or am I doing something wrong? I hope there won’t be troublesome bugs or issues left in the coming release next. But after all this I really looking forward for the new version! I really enjoy flying with FlightGear!

    Good luck for the developers!

  9. i tried the 2.4.0 cr5 and it was pretty awesome. how many aircraft will be available when 2.4.0 is released?

    1. I haven’t counted up the aircraft yet, but it’s safe to say there will be quite a few more than in the v2.0 release. 🙂

    1. All the v2.4 aircraft are in the git repository. As part of the v2.4 release we plan to create a v2.4 aircraft download page similar to the aircraft download page for v2.0.

  10. this is going to sound strange maybe. I am looking for basic 101

    would like use / get a simulator for 150, or jet what do I need:

    software, controls etc.

    age 66 would like steps 123

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