The F-14b is back

Ready to launch?

Thanks to Alexis Bory and Enrique Laso, the F-14b has been for a long time one of Flightgear’s most impressive 3d models, with a highly detailed cockpit and a large number of modeled systems.

But it just got even better – are you ready for a ride?

New flight dynamics

Richard Harrison has added a detailed JSBSim model for the flight dynamics based on a number of aerodynamical data sources which makes especially the behaviour at low airspeed very close to the real airplane. This also includes an accurate modeling of stall and departure into spin or flat spin and high alpha control reversal. Wing sweep can be controlled manually and affects the behaviour of the plane,

All of the plane’s control systems are implemented in JSBSim rather than in Nasal (which means they are computed at a much higher rate than the framerate), making the response of the plane more fluid, especially at framerates below 30 fps. All in all, the detailed JSBSim FDM adds quite a lot to the flight experience,

Improved systems modeling

The 3d cockpit has received a number of additions, among them a master warning panel with working indicators, an engine control panel and a master generator control panel. Other switches, such as the fuel cutoffs on the glareshield panel, are now functional, such that an engine startup/shutdown procedure from the cockpit is now possible.

Here is an example of the cockpit view in low-level flight:

And the RIO view:

The full range of operations

Just like the previous YaSim version, the new JSBSim F-14b supports a full range of military operations. The plane is fully aircraft-carrier capable (due to the improved modeling of low airspeed behaviour, carrier landings are somewhat more difficult than with the YaSim version though).

The plane also has a detailed radar with several different modes, capable of tracking targets, and the operation of the AIM-9M sidewinder missile is modeled as well as the M61A6 Vulcan gun.

Full air-to-air refueling capability from e.g. the KA-6 is also modeled:

Enjoy the new F-14b along with many exciting new features on current GIT (3.3) or with the forthcoming stable release 3.4!

(All features presented in the screenshots (bluish atmosphere haze, details on the Vinson flightdeck, improved appearance of water,…) are available in the current development version and will be part of the 3.4 release. The screenshots have been taken off the coast of Corsica and over Nevada, both in the default 2.0 World Scenery.)

6 Replies to “The F-14b is back”

  1. So…not much has changed save the FDM. That’s great. Despite the weapons systems and ejection seat system being the solidly most requested update for the Tomcat, it ends up being the FDM. Although I wish for better AIM-120 and GBU systems, as well as ejection seat dynamic modeling, the one thing I wanted most was a better FDM. Prayer answered. Thanks, developers. This aircraft is the one jet I have scored the most player kills in and comes only second to the A6M2 in FlightGear fighters for me. Looking great, mates!

    I haven’t flown in FG for months now, and I used to quite a bit, if not every day, but work and life get in the way nowadays. However, as soon as 3.4 comes out I’ll do my best to get back into action.

    Thanks, boys!

    Onwards & Upwards,

    Corv Wase, developer for the A6M2 Reisen

    1. The update also provides hydraulics, electrics, revised sound, wing tip contrails, smoke, extra gaugess (including caution panel), carrier ILS landing, multi-step flaps, pilot controllable wing sweep.

      The sound revisions include alpha buffer, buffet for flaps and when gear is deployed – for me these make a big difference to the flying realism. When you stop the engines you can hear them spool down and spool up when you do an in cockpit start.

      If you run out of fuel you will lose electrics and hyds; when you lose hyds you also lose control of the surfaces and when the electrics go the cockpit becomes dark.

      See my main page for full details.

      I’ll look add adding ejection (using the walker) and the missiles later on.

  2. absolutely cannot wait for the 3.4 update. the F-14 is by far my favorite aircraft and these updates sound wonderful. I have only one question, will there be more liveries added?

  3. Errr…. The name is Laso 😉
    Anyway, very nice job !
    I will update the external model and texture map for the next release too

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