Web Site Updates

December 30, 2014:

  • Upgraded to wordpress 4.1
  • Testing a new theme that is a bit less “bloggy”
  • Added a big fat “download now” button on the front page.
  • Fixed layout for small screens (like smart phones in portrait mode.)

January 24, 2014:

  • v3.0.0 release candidates are available for download and testing.  The official v3.0.0 release is scheduled for 17 Feb.
  • Upgraded to WordPress 3.8.1

December 20, 2013:

Upgraded to WordPress 3.8 and the Twenty Fourteen theme.

November 25, 2013:

FlightGear v2.12.1 (bug fix release) is now available for download.

October 3, 2013:

Upgraded to WordPress 3.6.1 and new TwentyThirteen theme.  The FlightGear web site server hardware has been relocated to a newer larger building.  And v2.12 has just been released!

February 13, 2013: Updated Scenery Download Path

The FlightGear scenery downloads has been updated to v2.10 in preparation for the 17 Feb v2.10 release.  The scenery content does not follow the same release schedule and has updates and improvements every few days.  Thus this is more of a name change formality, and the “v2.10” scenery will work fine with v2.8 and probably most v2.x versions of FlightGear.

January 12, 2013: New Wiki Server

The FlightGear Wiki (http://wiki.flightgear.org) has been moved from a shared hosting server to a new dedicated virtual private host.  The FlightGear wiki is *very* popular and generates a lot of traffic and server load so hopefully this will improve the performance and reliability of our wiki and at the same time help all the other services on the old shared hosting server.

The new wiki host has been donated to the FlightGear project by DigitalOcean. If you are searching for a good hosting service among an ocean of possible options, they are good guys.

December 18, 2012: WordPress 3.5 & New Theme

The FlightGear web site has been upgraded to the newest version of wordpress (3.5) and I am experimenting with a new theme.  We can always return to the old them if we decide we like that better, or we can more forward too.  The new theme has some better support for mobile devices.

December 29 update: when switching to the new 2012 theme, we ended up with comments enabled on all content pages.  This was unintentional.  The page comments were mostly support requests or the odd snarky comment.  I have removed the comments area from regular content pages, but comments are still allowed (and encouraged) for “post” pages.  However, comments will be filtered carefully for topic and usefulness.  Do they expand or clarify the conversation of the post topic?  Support questions will still be referred to the FlightGear forum.  Random positive/negative statements (like “I love flightgear” or “I hate flightgear” will generally be ignored.)  English is preferred for post comments, but exceptions have been made and probably will be made in the future.

October 24, 2012: Scenery Download Page updated

The World Scenery Download page is updated to SVN version 20579.  It may take a day or so for the updated files to flush through the mirror system.

September 7, 2012: WordPress 3.4.2

Upgraded to wordpress-3.4.2.

August 20, 2012: Updated Gallery

Featuring the winning entries of the 15th anniversary screenshot contest, we have added a new screenshot gallery to go along with the v2.8.0 release!

August 17, 2012: Version 2.8.0 Released

Yeah!  Look on the front page (or the recent posts list in the side bar) to read the official release announcement.  Better graphics, new aircraft, new visual effects, tons of new things to explore!

July 30, 2012: v2.8.0 Release Candidate “RC4” Available.

If you are interested in trying the next release of FlightGear ahead of time (and helping us sniff out any remaining bugs or packaging issues) then please take a look for download links in the release candidate section towards the bottom main download page.  Also notice that updated v2.8.0 aircraft are also available for download along with the pre-release.

June 28, 2012: WordPress 3.4.1

The FlightGear web site software has been updated to WordPress v3.4.1.

February 28, 2012: Version 2.6.0 Updates

Both Mac OS X and Windows have had small tweaks to follow up the v2.6 release.  For Mac OS X there is “r319” version of the 2.6.0 dmg which fixes a couple problems some Mac users were seeing.  For Windows there is a “Setup FlightGear” which fixes one small 32bit vs. 64bit dll packaging problem some 64bit users were seeing.

February 17, 2012: Version 2.6.0 Released

There has been a large number of changes and updates to the download and information pages as part of the v2.6.0 roll-out.

Jan 29, 2012: New v2.6.0 Release Candidate Available

A complete test release for the upcoming FlightGear 2.6.0 version is available to try.  Follow this link to the FlightGear v2.6.0 Release Candidate page.

Jan 6, 2012: New Developer Snapshot Available

A new developer snapshot (v20120105) is available for download and testing.  This is a way to keep up with all the coolest new features and experimentation without needing to compile the code yourself from scratch.  You can find the download link on the main download page.

Dec 28, 2011: Contributors Section added

A new section has been added to the FlightGear web site: Contributors.  We plan to periodical add profiles of different contributors to this section.  If you’d like to be included here, or have corrections or updates to existing entries, please contact the web master!

Sep 27, 2011: Scenery Download Page added

A World Scenery Download page has finally been added to the new web site.  You can find the page in the main site menu.  The graphical download page has also been updated.  All the links should now point to the v2.4.0 version of the scenery (this corresponds to svn version 16700 from the terrascenery archives.)  Update: a small link error has been fixed so the download map should be working again.  Thanks to those who reported it!

Sep 27, 2011: New wiki and liveries server

The server hosting wiki.flightgear.org and liveries.flightgear.org has been upgraded and the content has been migrated over.  There shouldn’t be any problems, but of course if you spot something odd, please let us know.

21 Replies to “Web Site Updates”

  1. Hi. I like the new theme. What could be very useful is a better menu structure. There are for example 2 entries called “News” of which one is probably better renamed “Blog” At least a main menu item called “Contribute” that links to the wiki contribute page could be good.

  2. this is definitely one of the best free flight simulators on earth!!
    i cannot believe that you made this free its amazing.. i have been looking for at least a half decent flight simulator for a while now and just as i was about to buy FSX i stumbled upon your site thinking it must have been a fraud because it looks too good to be true, but funnily enough i think this is one of the best flight sims out there.

    thanks for all the hard work you have put out there for free, its people like you that make this world a better place

  3. The new theme is bright and I like that. But overall it feels more like landing on a blog about flightgear instead of the project’s homepage.

    What I would change:
    – The banner has to go on top and contain some FlightGear logos, text etc. instead of a plane.
    Also the banner is a bit too large.

    – The menu items should be more “buttony”. This is a page which should not be centered on text like a blog, but functionality, navigation etc. The current theme is clearly text centered.

    – Maybe give the light grey frame a background, containing FlightGear imagery (e.g. blending from top left or right corner to grey)

  4. The project flightgear it’s very nice!
    I would like help,contribute the project…Im french 🙂
    (Translate,script…)I have a linux ubuntu 😉 nice nice for the version linux !
    Je suis français donc j’aimerais aider ce projet ancien utilisateur de microsoft flight simulateur :)…

  5. Je suis nouveau sur Flightgear, j’ habite Port-au-Prince HAITI, il semble que l’ aéroport de cette ville (MTPP), ni aucun autre d’HAITI, ne figurent point au “FlightGear World Scenery v2.6.0”, coordonnées :w080n10.
    Ne pouvant pas décoller de mon aéroport préféré, je lance un . . . – – – . . . afin que cette troublante injustice soit réparée dans les délais les plus brefs.
    En attendant qu’un noble volontaire se dévouera à cette immense petite tâche, je salue toute la communauté “FlightGearoise”.

  6. Hi developer of this releases: and
    – fgfs.exe crashes after load previous saved file with route manager.
    – Parkbreak will not be released when caps lock is on. Swiss German Keyboard, maybe inherrent reason, but first time confusing…
    Opsys MS W7 prof. 64 bit HP Elite 8200.
    always really nice work! it’s great!

  7. I would personally like to see development snapshots for Mac OS X too, please. I hope it’s not too much work?

  8. When I push the “Start Flight” button the program acts as if it is going to load and the just returns to the main screen.

  9. hi iv’e been trying to download new planes but i cant seem to get them to extract into the folder it says”missing or read only ” help?

  10. i know this is probuly the wrong place to talk but how come big airplanes like the 747 do not work on this sim?

    1. Hi Nik, I definitely recommend taking questions like this over to the forum. It’s much easier to provide detailed information and you will probably get more “experienced” eyes on your problem there.

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